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Our technicians are certified (Ministry of Environment and SOFAD) exterminators trained with a specification for rats and mice.

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We use the best products and techniques in North America and an Environmental, Health and Safety Policy is available. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and fully adapted to stop rats and mice.

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We are offering discrete service, just ask and we will be at your place with an unmarked truck or car.

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Amiral Service is based on Integrated Pest Management principles and guidelines. It is not just a trap, it’s a complex treatment of mice and rats.

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No matter the problem, Amiral Service are available 24/7 to exterminate your pest problem in a professional and safe way that will not break the bank.

With our methods and years of experience we know how to tackle the worst of Rats and Mice problems.

With our competitive rates and our willingness to beat any other companies’ prices we are sure to not just rid you of your pest problem, but give you the best price around.

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Mice and Rats

A mouse is a small rodent; the most known mouse species is the house mouse. They are known by invading homes in searching for food and shelter. Infestation of mice of your property may be detected in various ways: including droppings, live mice and mice nests.

You may also find pieces of paper, clothes and boxes with claw and bite marks in or near your house. If you hear squeaking from behind the wall during the night, that is another sign of mice presence. If you notice any activity during the day, it means the infestation is really high.

Rats are medium-sized long-tailed rodents; they may be of brown or black color. You can distinguish rats from mice by their larger size. Rats might be a vector for certain pathogens as bubonic plague, leptospirosis, hantavirus infection and lassa fever.

Rats have great abilities, such as swimming up in the sewer pipes into toilets. They are great jumpers and climbers, too. Places to look for rats are around pipes, behind walls and near the garbage.

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