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We use the best products and techniques in North America and an Environmental, Health and Safety Policy is available. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and fully adapted to stop bedbugs.

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Amiral Service is based on Integrated Pest Management principles and guidelines. It is not just a spray, it’s a complex treatment of bed bugs.

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Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs do not typically spread diseases, these parasitic insects may cause slight to moderate discomfort by inflicting itchy bite marks as a result of their feeding..

Bed bug bites are usually painless, rarely waking up the host, and result in small red welts similar to mosquito bites. In some cases, the bites inflicted by the pests may cause allergic reactions requiring medical attention.

Generally, this reaction is uncommon and the insects are largely considered a nuisance. In addition to bite marks, bed bugs regularly leave other evidence of their presence, including musty odors, rust-colored fecal stains in and around bedding, and layers of skin shed by nymphs.

Despite the widespread assumption that bed bug infestations are an indication of poor cleanliness or sanitation in the affected area, bed bugs simply require access to a host and ample hiding space.

Bed bugs thrive in a variety of environments ranging from private residences to five-star hotels, and often prove to be difficult to be found and to be removed completely. Professional extermination is highly recommended to treat such kind of infestations.