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Carpenter ants get their name because they build their nests in wood. This pest can cause significant damage to your house.

Carpenter ants don’t carry disease, but when building a nest inside a home, Carpenter ants dig smooth tunnels inside the wood. These tunnels weaken the wood and potentially damage the wood that keeps the house standing. This kind of damage can be very expensive to fix.

 Pavement ants get its name because of it most commonly nests in the soil next to and beneath slabs, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Indoors, pavement ants nest under a building’s foundation and within hollow foundation walls.

Pavement ants do not pose a health threat, but they can contaminate food by leaving waste behind.

Red imported fire ants are more aggressive than other ant species and have a painful sting. These ants and their telltale mound nests should be actively avoided.

The sting of a red imported fire ant is painful and often results in a raised welt that becomes a white blister. Persons allergic to insect stings will react more severely. They are frustrating, not only because of the physical pain they can inflict, but because their mound-building activity can damage plant roots and lead to loss of crops.

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